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A simplified course to allow you to sell more and more expensive If you are a real estate, MLM, professional seller (coach, psychologist … even veterinarian), you need this course. You will learn how to quickly write a book and stand out from the competition while becoming the expert in your field! Position yourself as the expert and explode your income! Slavica left its secrets Author of over 40 books in personal development, Slavica offers you her secrets and explains how, the simple fact of having written a book has propelled her from “penniless” to an income of over $ 250,000 in one year. It gives you the step-by-step recipe for writing and publishing your book. A subtle and effective way to sell! I wrote my book in 7 weeks with the help of the Slavica course. Never in my life would I have thought I could write a book and that it would be that simple. I am in real estate and, when I leave a book with a potential client, it is he who calls me back to work with me. One of the biggest difficulties I had in the past was to have exclusive clients but now it comes naturally. I have increased my sales drastically but I work less. I have fewer people hesitating when I show up with my book. Gaston Lyon I wrote my book, following the Slavica course, on the benefits of my MLM product. I doubled my figure in six months. Besides, I didn’t really write it because Slavica explains how to write without necessarily writing. I earn 6,000 euros a month and I know my sales will increase. My books are walking around. I could never have left a business card at the dentist but my book is on the table when I enter and people leaf through it which makes me more customers! Fanny, Nantes


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