Social Media for Business People

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Course coming soon Social media is essential for anyone who wants to grow their circle of potential customers! However, most people do not know the basic principles to evolve quickly in social media …. Here is the list of videos I invite you to get the basics of everything you need to know to get started on social media quickly. A video series to guide you step by step towards understanding and using social media to help you in business (and even in your personal social life). Here is the list of videos: The basis for your website: WordPress WordPress download to build your website Install a theme for your blog or website Insert videos on your website How to offer a downloadable document on your blog Insert a paypal button on your website Linkedin Understand how to create an attractive profile and the basis for knowing on Linkedin The perfect place to develop your business relationships Facebook Learn how to create a professional Facebook page Twitter How to create a Twitter account, how to split tweets to share them, how to shorten web links to share them. Youtube Create a Youtube account Download a youtube video How to add comments to youtube videos How to make money with youtube Google – The Basics Create a gmail account Create a google account Create a Google page Put a post on google Create a google event Use Google hangout Use Google analytics buffer A way to post in advance to save time Pinterest How to use pinterest to make yourself known differently


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