Slimming thanks to the law of attraction



The Basis for Slimming A simple class to help you get rid of the extra pounds and EFT to make it seem easy and to get rid of emotional ties to food and weight. In order to get you the ideal body – it’s never too late! Lose weight thanks to the law of attraction! The course is really simple to follow but obviously I didn’t find it easy at first. I think Slavica motivated me and then I told myself that I had to get started. But when you follow the principles, it works well. Finally, I feel better and better in my body. Sophie, Nice I was overweight. So, I was not on top. But I have already lost (I know Slavica says you shouldn’t say lost) 5 kilos. So, I am satisfied with the course. I still have some, but it’s a good start. Fred Guateloupe What you will find there: How to regain self-confidence Learn to love yourself as you are Control your emotions Learn gratitude Practical exercises to slim down (without doing too much sport) EFT to remove blockages And more Course title offered: Self-esteem theory Self-esteem exercises Breathing The power of emotions Forgiveness Gratitude Attracting love – Module 1 Attracting love – Module 2 Attracting love – Module 3 Practical book to attract love Plus the following EFTs: Love of self Prompt recovery Decrease your appetite Play sports Reduce anxiety Have dynamic health Need to stuff The fear of healing I am too fat Healing from the inside out Suffering to punish others Have more energy, less fatigue Resist temptations Afford miracles I feel better and better in my body. I bought myself a new pair of jeans (smaller size) and it was a gift that made me super happy because it’s been a long time since I fight with my weight but there I feel that I win while losing. haha Yasmine, Spain You can listen to the teachings everywhere. The audios are downloadable so you can instantly access, listen and watch as many times as you want. The course is downloadable. You access it immediately and you can listen to it on all your devices.


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