Know All for All Have Basic Course 101



The basis for understanding and correctly using the law of attraction.

The best way to begin to fully use the law of attraction. This course is simple to use and offers the basis for starting to bring you everything you desire!

The basic course to attract you the best there is!

All-Knowing All Have To The Base 101

Slavica, your class saved my life. I see daily changes, almost magic. I was without money and my finances keep increasing and in addition I met someone who really loves me! It really works! Thanks thanks!

Charlotte,  Paris

It is much more than a course on the law of attraction. Is there so much more! Time management and creating goals but also learning to love yourself. I had self-confidence and anxiety issues but not at all now. I advise anyone who wants to see rapid life changes. Really, thank you!

What you will find there:

  • How to regain self-confidence
  • Learn to love yourself as you are
  • Learn to meditate
  • Control your emotions
  • Know how to manage your time (minimum basis)
  • Know how to create goals
  • Know what you really want
  • Know how to use the power of visulation
  • Learn to forgive (not accept)
  • Understanding true generosity and its benefits (mental, physical …)
  • Learn to develop more gratitute and use it as a magnet
  • And more

The investment is worth it! Each time I listen to the course again, my income increases! I find it now too easy sometimes (laughs). Of course, I also continued with coaching afterwards to go further but that already, it’s incredible how it works!


My basic course on the law of attraction will allow you to recover your power of attraction and create the life you dream of!

By creating this program, I wanted to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to regain control over their destiny in order to live a happy and harmonious life. In this program, I offer you the tools necessary to allow you to reach your goals more easily. I also give you practical exercises in order to easily integrate each concept into your daily life to offer you permanent results. You will be amazed at how much you can live from daily magic! You can listen to the teachings everywhere. The audios are downloadable so you can instantly access, listen and watch as many times as you want. The course is downloadable. You access it immediately and you can listen to it on all your devices. It inspires me to hear you every day in my ears! And then the mirror exercise works so much. I also write in my magic notebook as you tell me to do and I see the results every day. Even my children are happier, it seems! Thank you Slavica, I doubted at the start and didn’t think it would work but my life has completely changed. Thank you, Nathalie, Belgium



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