Course presented in Florida 2018

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Florida 2018 Course Record The most complete course on surpassing oneself and the law of attraction. For those who wanted to see me in Florida but could not move, this course is the complete recording of this live training

A new course This course goes much further than anything you have learned so far You will learn to: Boost your self-confidence POWERFUL EFT and Visualizations The phone call: a sure way to change your emotions (every time) The fundamental financial rule of 72 How to get rid of debts The basis of real estate investment Make money on the Internet and understand drop shipping An unbeatable way to figure out how to make a lot more money. Express your dreams with lightning speed You exceed when you want Increase your limits and go even further Live in harmony and well-being every day Learn to get up on the right foot EVERY day Make more money and learn how to attract golden opportunities. Eliminate your fears and learn to overcome your fears Wipeout your anxiety and live stress-free Control your emotions and create happiness Attract love and improve relationships Know what you really want at all times Choose goals you thought were unattainable and achieve them miraculously Feel good all the time! Know how to choose the right good person in love Know how to recognize and avoid mistakes that could cost you dearly in love Know if you stay in a relationship or not and learn to forgive Understanding your values ​​and those of others the 10 fundamental rules of success and instant manifestation Learn to change your past Learn how to easily change bad habits Learn emotional intelligence 2 important elements to have beautiful interpersonal relationships Know how to develop intelligent communication Understanding men and women with their particularities Understanding male psychology and male and female hormones Know what really causes a couple of quarrels to avoid them. Recognize his acceptable faults and those that we had to accept in the other Develop your spiritual connection to God Understand how to instantly manifest your desires How to play the game of life to get everything you want And much more… I bring to you what I have learned over the past twelve years and the new knowledge I have acquired over the past five years. You will have the impression of being present during the week that the coaches are spending with me. You will feel in the room with me.




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