Attract the perfect job thanks to the law of attraction



The Base for Attracting the Perfect Job This course is available at If you want to change jobs or you are unemployed and looking for something that you will like, this course is for you! What you will find there: How to regain self-confidence Know how to manage your time (minimum basis) Know how to create goals Know how to use the power of visualization Learn to attract a job quickly EFTs to remove blockages from work A practical eBook to find a job Course title offered: accountability Create your goals Getting rid of negative thoughts Generosity Letting go Attracting a Job – Module 1 Attracting a job – Module 2 Attracting a job – Module 3 A practical book to get a job Plus the following EFTs: What I want me to want Successful studies Set goals Motivated to do nothing? Slow yourself Nothing works for me Play the victim Burn out Have creativity – create your life No excuses – motivation Be unemployed Fear of success Time management 50,000 euros per month Increase your income Do not work more to increase your income Be awesome – be successful I found my ideal job. I did not think it was possible but there I believe it. So, I really recommend this course. Thomas Swisse


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