Attract love through the law of attraction



The basis for attracting love

The best course there is to remove your blockages on love and attract the person of your dreams or greatly improve your existing romantic relationship!

In order to attract the greatest love possible!

Attract love through the law of attraction!

The course is simple to follow and has really brought me a lot! I started to love myself more and then, like that, while I was doing my shopping, I met “my” man. We have been together for 3 months now but it is going so well that we are already thinking about our future together. I know it’s not a coincidence even if it happened so quickly after taking the Slavica course!

Francine,  St Martin

My girlfriend had left me for a short time and I was super unhappy. With this course, I really understood what had not worked there and I met a beautiful girl. I thought that I could not live without my ex and there I realize that it was for the best because this girl is sensational. She loves me and, well, me too. But the craziest thing is that it is exactly like what I imagined in the Slavica exercises.

Christian,  Quebec

What you will find there:

  • How to regain self-confidence
  • Learn to love yourself as you are
  • Control your emotions
  • Knowing what we are looking for in others and in an ideal relationship
  • Practical exercises to find love
  • EFT to remove blockages
  • And more

Course title offered:

  • Amour propre théorie
  • Amour propre exercices
  • Respiration
  • Le pouvoir des émotions
  • Le pardon
  • S’attirer l’amour – Module 1
  • S’attirer l’amour – Module 2
  • S’attirer l’amour – Module 3
  • Livre pratique pour s’attirer l’amour

Plus les EFT suivantes:

  • Mon ex m’a quitté
  • Je me sens seul
  • Je m’aime – amour de soi
  • Je suis ouverte à l’amour
  • Je peux et veux être intime
  • J’attire l’amour comme un aimant
  • Je me permets l’amour
  • Tapping pour l’abandon et le rejet
  • Vous êtes assez (bon, intelligent,…)
  • Je ne suis pas prêt
  • Relâcher la peine émotionnelle
  • Changer pour plaire aux autres
  • Se tenir debout, fort dans ses convictions
  • Ce que vous détestez en vous
  • Se débarrasser de sa timidité
  • Changer le passé
  • Vous méritez d’être traité avec amour et respect
  • Se débarasser des sentiments négatifs liés au viol (ou tout abus physique ou mental)
  • Doubt self

I find EFT to be absolutely great! I can’t believe how much they do me good. And the exercises of the law of attraction too. I feel better and better in my body and also I love myself more and more. I see how much I always attracted the same type of man who disrespected me and did not treat me well and I see that it is because I accepted that. But there I feel at the top and I continue!

Naomi,  Paris


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